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CP-B memo

No Date Subject Reporter PDF
32 1980/9/19 KaChaPaG PDF
30 1979/8/31 KaChaPaG PDF
29 1979/6/18 KaChaPaG PDF
28 1978/12/12 1.Reply to Memos CP-A/8,9;CP-C/46-50;CP-D/70-73 2.Proposed Additions to Dicts. 3 and 25 3.Comments on the KACHAPAG Transtape B006 KaChaPaG PDF
27 1978/10/12 Code KaChaPaG PDF
26 1978/8/16 1)Code A (Isotopic Abundance) in Dict. 34 (proposed in CP-C/43) 2) Dictionary Addition KaChaPaG PDF
25 1978/6/27 KaChaPaG PDF
24 1978/5/30 Suggested Details for the Agenda of 3rd NRDC-Meeting, Paris, June 19, 1978 KaChaPaG PDF
23 1978/3/21 I.Coding of Reaction-SF3 II.Variable Product Nucleus Formalism III.DECAY-FLAG; Heading Isomer IV. Nuclides Dictionary 27 V.FLAG KaChaPaG PDF
22 1978/2/22 1)Coding of Fission Fragments (FF) in REACTION SF4 2) EXFOR-Manual (last Revisions from Febr.78) KaChaPaG PDF
21 1978/2/9 Multiple Residual Nucleus Formalism KaChaPaG PDF
20 1978/1/30 Coding of Superheavy Elements; Multiple Monitors; Clarificaiton of two Lab-Codes in Dict. 3 KaChaPaG PDF
19 1978/1/26 Proposed Manual Revisions from NNDC and NDS; Proposed LEXFOR Revision from NNDC KaChaPaG PDF
18 1977/12/23 Summarized Comments on Memos: CP-D/34 to CP-D/50 and CP-C/17 to CP-C/25 KaChaPaG PDF
17 1977/12/22 Reaction Mechanisms. Process Code for Spallation KaChaPaG PDF
16 1977/10/24 New Institute Codes; Accession Numbers within Codes; Memo CP-D/34 to D/42 and CP-C/17 to C/24, X4-Memos KaChaPaG PDF
15 1977/8/31 Printed version of the KACHAPAG-File KaChaPaG PDF
14 1977/8/16 NDS-Manual Update; NNDC-Manual Update; Elements, Nuclides Dictionary; Multiple Residual Nucleus Formalism KaChaPaG PDF
13 1977/7/8 Conclusions of the Kiev Meeting, Coding under MONITOR; Compilation of Errors; Exfor-Manual Revision for Report-Codes KaChaPaG PDF
12 1977/6/21 Comments on Dict. Update 770527 and new Lab-Codes KaChaPaG PDF
11 1977/5/25 Multiple Reaction Products KaChaPaG PDF
10 1977/5/16 EXFOR-Manual Revisions; Corrections in Dictionaries 13 and 25; KACHAPAG-Transtapes KaChaPaG PDF
9 1977/5/10 Coding of Reactions with Multiple Residual Nuclei; Generalized Use of Pointers KaChaPaG PDF
8 1977/3/15 Int. Dict. Updates 770214 and 770228;EXFOR manual addition KaChaPaG PDF
7 1977/3/8 Comments on TRANS-TAPE A000 KaChaPaG PDF
6 1977/2/15 EXFOR Manual Revisions and Dictionaries KaChaPaG PDF
5 1976/12/8 KaChaPaG PDF
4 1976/11/5 KaChaPaG PDF
3 1976/10/29 KaChaPaG PDF
2 1976/6/25 Updating of Dictionaries KaChaPaG PDF
1 $A!! KaChaPaG PDF