Hokkaido University Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG)
Nuclear Reaction Data Input System (HENDEL)

1. Introduction

Hokkaido University Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG) compiles and accumulates charged-particle nuclear reaction data which are obtained in Japanese facilities. We compile the data in our own data format (NRDF:Nuclear Reaction Data File) which are distributed through the internet. A part of compiled files is translated to the EXFOR format.

The purposes of developing an web-based editor are

2. Advantages of web-based editor

The internet has given the drastic change in the distribution system of nuclear data. In this situation, our group has developed a retrieval system using an web browser. The advantages of editing nuclear data with the browser are

3. Present Situation

In July 2001, the beta version has been completed and 25 references are compiled using this editor system. 12 of these files were translated to EXFOR, and 6 passed the check at CHEX system(EXFOR checking program). The ratio has been improved later by extending the EXFOR dictionary. Using this editor and CHEX, we can improve the quality of not only EXFOR files but also NRDF files. This system show the plot of numerical data merged in the data file. Then we check the quality for digitized data by comparing with those in the original paper.

4. Snapshot

1. Main page 2. Input page
hendel-01 hendel-02
3. Output to EXFOR 4. Plot of Numerical Data
hendel-03 hendel-04