Japan Charged-Particle Nuclear Reaction Data Group (JCPRG)
Graph Suchi Yomitori System (GSYS2.4)


GSYS is a software to digitize data points on the figure in a form of graphical image (printed matter, image file,...). This software is also useful to confirm whether the numerical value is correct or not.


Release Version: GSYS 2.4.9
(May 16, 2022)
Download ( jar, exe)
Download (for EXFOR compilers) ( jar, exe)
Download (for NRDF compilers) ( jar, exe)

Release notes
Manual for Gsys2.4 (Oct. 28. 2012)
See CP-E/145
Sample figure (contributed by K.Arai)
Sample figure 2 (made by ryusuke)


  1. Install Java Runtime Environment Ver. 1.4 or later, which is available at Java.com.
  2. Right-click "Download", and save the target as "Gsys2.4.9.jar".
  3. If the obtained file is named as "Gsys2.4.9.zip", must change it to "Gsy2.4.9.jar" (from Young-Ouk Lee, KAERI-NDEL, Thanks!).



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