Hokkaido University Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG)
EXFOR Compilation Tool
CHEX, ORDER and XTRACT have been developed by Victoria McLane (NNDC) and maintained by Viktor Zerkin (IAEA-NDS). XDOMINO has been developed by Shuji Yamaguchi (JCPRG). JANIS Trans Checker is maintained by Nicolas Soppera (NEA DB). EXFOR Converter System is maintained by Viktor Zerkin (IAEA-NDS).

Processing of an EXFOR entry or trans tape with ZCHEX, ZORDER, JANIS etc.

Extraction of bibliography from a doi (e.g., 10.1016/j.nds.2014.07.065) or EXFOR code (e.g., J,NDS,120,272,2014)