Hokkaido University Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG)
Q and A about EXFOR
Interaction and reaction cross section (21 Jul, 2006)
Q: What codes are used for interaction and reaction cross section in EXFOR?
A: They are treated as "absorption" (=total - scattering) and "non elastic" (=total - elastic scattering). Therefore we can get there quantities by seach "ABS" and "NON" in emitted particle field for interaction and reaction cross section, respectively.
Anti-proton induced reaction data (18 Jul, 2006)
Q: Does EXFOR include anti-proton induced reaction data?
A: Reactions induced by anti-proton or other "extotic" particle (e.g. mesons and hyperons) have not been in our compilation scope. However recently JCPRG opened a new compilation series (area J) for such data. There are few data of such beams accumulated. JCPRG puts priority to the data which users need. So do not hesitate to ask us data you need.