Hokkaido University Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG)
A Brief Sketch

JCPRG is a nuclear data centre to compile data for charged-hadron and nucleus induced nuclear reactions given in Japan. The center is a member of Nuclear Reaction Data Centre Network (NRDC). The files are compiled in "Nuclear Reactino Data File" (NRDF) format, and can be retrieved via internet connection. A part of the files are also compiled in "EXchange FORmat" (EXFOR) which is designed to allow transmission of nuclear reaction data between the centers in the world.


A research project to compile Charged-Particle Nuclear Reaction Data was initiated in 1974, which was approved by the Theoretical Nuclear Physics Society and the Experimental Nuclear Physics Society in Japan. When this project started, a work-sharing programme was agreed with the JAERI Nuclear Data Centre that the resulting study group would be responsible for Charged-Particle Nuclear Reaction Data while JAERI would be in charge of Nuclear Neutron Data.

The original database (NRDF, Nuclear Reaction Data File) was devised by the study group under the sponsorship of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science and Culture through the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. With data storage and retrieval functions added to the original NRDF system, the project developed from research and testing to the practical working stage of data compilation and data dissemination in 1987. Subsequently, the study group was reorganized to become the Japan Charged-Particle Nuclear Reaction Data Group (JCPRG), and was assigned an annual budget through the Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics, Hokkaido University by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. This regular JCPRG budget ended in 2001, and was replaced by a yearly competitive process.

On April 1, 2007, the Japan Charged-Particle Nuclear Reaction Data Group (JCPRG) was reorganized to the Hokkaido University Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG) as a measure taken in the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. At the same time, the graduate school collaboration field "Nuclear Data" with Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) was established in the Department of Cosmosicences of the Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University. On April 1, 2011, the JCPRG becames an official education and research organization of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University.


The primary aims of JCPRG are to construct and provide an academic-oriented database according to an original and unique format compiling and storing all charged-particle nuclear reaction data produced with Japanese accelerators. JCPRG is also responsible for transforming NRDF to EXFOR format, and sending these files to IAEA-NDS.


JCPRG comprises NRDF Advisory Committee, NRDF Steering Committee, NRDF Annual Report Editorial Committee, and NRDF-to-EXFOR Working Group.

NRDF Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee has a membership of 17, consisting of representatives from the main nuclear laboratories and institutes in Japan.
NRDF Steering Committee
Activities carried out for NRDF are the responsibility of the Steering Committee, under the advice and guidance of the Advisory Committee.
NRDF Annual Report Editorial Committee
Activities of compilations and developments for NRDF are published every year by NRDF Annual Report Editorial Committee.
NRDF-to-EXFOR Working Group
NRDF-to-EXFOR Working Group treats technical aspects of compilations and develeopments in NRDF and EXFOR.